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Where the fun begins!

Balcatta FCs Soccer Bambini program for 3-5 year old's is designed to introduce young footballers to their football journey in a fun and exciting playing environment with a focus on learning football by playing football.


The program is run by qualified coaches and volunteers from our Women's Squad on Saturday mornings and helps build football basics and foundation skills including: first touch, 1v1, running with the ball and striking the ball. Sessions are designed to take our youngsters on their football journey by playing enjoyable games. The games are fun based, while teaching children the essentials of football, and simultaneously they improve balance and agility. At the same time they learn essential life skills of socialising with other children, respect for coaches, discipline, awareness and most of all enjoyment, in a positive pressure free environment.

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Whats it all about?

What is it?

  • Introduction to football skills

  • Small-sided team based football games

Who is it for?

  • Boys and girls aged 3-5

  • Children that are ready to and want to learn to play football

When is it played?

  • Run over 4x Terms (in correlation with WA school terms)

  • February to November (Excludes school holidays)

  • Each term Approx. 9-10 weeks

What does it look like?

  • 1 class per week on Saturday mornings

  • 45 minutes per session

  • Children play independently of their parent/guardian

  • U3s & U4s: 830am to 9.15am

  • U5s 9.30am to 10.15am

Children's Benefits

  • Fun, football game-based session that build fundamentals and basic motor skills. 

  • Activities aim to improve confidence and self-esteem.

  • Lower participant-to-coach ratio.

  • Increased touches of the ball.

  • Make new friends and develop fundamental social skills.









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